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Its all over!!!

Posted on 18 July 2009
Its all over!!!

It started with a legal letter and ended with a fax.

 The battle against my trademark has finished with the withdrawal of opposition from the singer,Katy Perry's lawyers. It is amazing to think that it is all over. There have been MANY learnings from this experience,all of which I wish I could have learnt in another way!!!

For anyone that has a business PLEASE make sure your name is protected.I have been contacted by many amazing business owners who had gone through a similar problem as myself. If you need advice contact Rebecca I know I couldn't have done it without her help.

My main lesson and one that I think we can all learn from is that if something does not feel right STOP. Its so important not to give away your own power and allow yourself to be bullied. I have spent many an day crying and thinking do I need to be different to succed.The answer is NO. Be who you are.

Second is the importance of getting positive support. When I first received the legal letters I thought I am just one person how can I fight against this huge record label ? Yet I wasnt alone and the more emails and phones I received the stronger I felt- as John Lennon said" Power to the People"

So thankyou to every single person that took time out of their very busy days to show your support.

Thankyou and never give up,

Katie Perry xx

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